Additional Dietary Information

The following cheeses are pasteurised

Animal Pasteurised/ Unpaseurised Name of cheese Price
Buffalo Pasteurised Blu di Bufala £4.25 per 100g
Cow Pasteurised Bleu D’Auvergne £2.85 per 100g
Cow Pasteurised Old Gouda – 48 month £3.35 per 100g
Goat Pasteurised Garrotxa £3.85 per 100g
Goat Pasteurised Gutshoffer £3.85 per 100g
Mix Pasteurised Picos Blue £3.85 per 100g
Sheep Pasteurised Manchego matured £3.95 per 100g
Sheep Pasteurised Moliterno al Tartufo £5.85 per 100g
Cow Pasteurised Wensleydale Special Reserve £2.75 per 100g
Sheep Pasteurised Norfolk White Lady £3.85 per 100g

The following cheeses use vegetarian rennet

Animal Pasteursied / Unpasteurised Name of cheese Price Vegetarian rennet
Cow Pasteurised Wensleydale Special Reserve £2.75 per 100g TRUE
Sheep Pasteurised Norfolk White Lady £3.85 per 100g TRUE
Goat UnPasteurised Eve £7.95 each TRUE
Goat UnPasteurised Longbow £3.25 per 100g TRUE
Goat UnPasteurised Rachel £3.85 per 100g TRUE
Sheep UnPasteurised Wigmore £3.85 per 100g TRUE

The following cheese contains egg (yes, egg – I’ll explain in more detail)
Manchego often contains lysozyme which is a natural anti bacterial agent found in the white part (albumen)  of hen’s eggs. It is used in the production of some cheeses to prevent the spread of micro-organisms and bacteria that are sometimes found in grain feed. These bacteria can have a negative effect on the quality and taste of cheese.

From a consumer’s point of view, lysozyme is completely harmless unless consumers are allergic to hen’s egg whites, in which case they may be allergic to lysozyme.  Some cheese companies are working hard to make sure lysozyme is included in the list of ingredients. If you have this allergy, please do not purchase our Manchego.

If you are really really interested, a detailed technical and academic description of the use of lyszyme can be found here.