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Cow’s Milk

Minimum cut = 150 g for soft cheese, 150-200g for hard cheeses

Beaufort d’Alpage Reserve
French - cow's milk - hard
A high mountain cheese from small traditional producers selecting cheeses from the summer milk The paste is a creamy, pale gold colour, smooth in texture. The flavours are sweet and nutty.

Comté FSA 15 month
French - cow's milk - hard
Rich nutty notes with light fresh fruity character. The classic French hard cheese.

Comté FSA 30 month
French - cow’s milk - hard
A very complex, rich and dense cheese with nutty and caramel notes. Comté on steroids.

Appleby’s Cheshire
British - cow’s milk - crumbly
The only raw milk, clothbound, farmhouse Cheshire still in production. It is crumbly with a mineral, slightly acidic tang.

French – cow’s milk - yeast-ripened, soft cheese
An unpasteurized French classic.

Cave aged Gruyère
Swiss - cow’s milk - hard
It has a silky texture with crunchy crystals and immense flavour. 

Coulommiers Fermier
French – cow’s milk -yeast ripened, soft cheese
A Brie type unpasteurised raw milk cheese with savoury, buttery, mushroomy and vegetal notes.

Edmund Tew
British – cow’s milk -washed rind - soft cheese
Edmund Tew is made in the style of French Langres cheese. The natural rind has a savoury​, malty flavour while the paste is firm with a pleasantly lactic and fresh taste

Kirkham’s Lancashire
British - cow’s milk - crumbly
Known for its succulent-yet-crumbly texture with a tangy, bright, full flavour.

Gorwydd Caerphilly
British - cow’s milk - crumbly
An award winning Caerphilly from the Trethowan Farm. It  has an initial tanginess on the interior and a creamy butteriness towards the rind.

Spanish - cow’s milk - hard
An artisan hand made Mahon cheese it has a fragrant, lactic bite and a rich buttery flavour. Washed in olive oil & paprika gives it its characteristic dark orange colour.

Morbier Fermier
French – cow’s milk - semi-hard
A mild elastic cheese with vegetal and dairy flavours, a distinctive line of edible ash through it.

Old Gouda-48 month
Dutch - cow’s milk – hard
Rich, caramel like, nutty paste with crunchy salt granules formed through maturation.

Parmigiano Reggiano 24 Month
Italian - cow’s milk – hard
This Parmesan is made from the milk of healthy cows fed exclusively on meadow grasses. It has a dense and grainy texture with a sharp, fruity and nutty flavour.

Pont l’Eveque
French – cow’s milk - yeast ripened, soft cheese
Soft and very rich cheese with creamy and full-bodied flavours.

French - cow’s milk - washed rind semi-soft cheese
The paste is supple, with a rather nice earthy aroma and rich hazelnut taste.

Single Gloucester
British – cow’s milk - crumbly
A mild and slightly lactic flavoured cheese, it is eaten young, and goes well with a glass of perry. It also makes an excellent toasting or cooking cheese.

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
British – cow’s milk – hard
The only Red Leicester cheese in the country to be made from unpasteurised milk. It has a rich and dense flavour, and a great texture.

Italian – cow’s milk - soft
An unpasteurised washed rind, strong smelling, but mild, creamy, and tangy tasting cheese from the Lombardy region of Italy. Wonderful on pizza.

Tomme de Savoie
French – cow's milk - semi-hard
Made from milk from Montbeliard cows; it has a rich flavour and earthy rind.

Wensleydale Special Reserve 
British – cow’s milk – crumbly
It has the usual clean taste and crumbly texture you would expect from a Wensleydale but with a fuller flavour.

Goat’s Milk

Minimum cut = 150 g for soft cheese, 150-200g for hard cheeses

British – goat’s milk – semi-hard
It is a semi hard washed rind cheese with a delicate yet moreish sweet medium flavour.

Spanish – goat’s milk – semi-hard
a full-bodied cheese which is fresh but  rich in flavour with a soft paste and a moist, creamy, yet almost flaky, texture. It

Rachael Reserva
British – goat’s milk – semi-hard
Matured for a minimum of 12 months, this cheese is Alpine in style, with a full, rich and complex flavour redolent of caramel.

Dutch - goat’s milk – hard
A Gouda made from goat’s milk to produce a rich caramel tasting firm cheese.

British – goat’s milk – soft
A soft densely textured fresh tasting goat cheese with an ash rind.

Tomme de Chèvre
French – goat’s milk – soft
A soft creamy young goat's milk cheese with a full flavour.

Tome de Provence
French – goat’s milk – soft
Small hand made soft goats cheeses lighyly dusted with herbes de provence.

Ewe’s Milk

Minimum cut = 150 g for soft cheese, 150-200g for hard cheeses

Manchego matured
Spanish – ewe’s milk – hard
Traditional Spanish Manchego (ewe’s milk), matured for at least 12 months for a full creamy, nutty flavour.

Manchego semi curado
Spanish – ewe’s milk – hard
Traditional Spanish Manchego (ewe’s milk), matured for at least 6 months s for a clean creamy and nutty flavour.

Ossau Iraty
France – ewe’s milk – hard
A smooth tasting unpasteurised, raw milk, ewe’s milk cheese with a creamy texture and tangy edge, made in the French Pyrenees.

Pecorino Sardo
Italian– ewe’s milk – hard
A rich, medium strength ewe's milk cheese. This one is still creamy. Great on its own, excellent on pasta or vegetables.

Spanish – ewe’s milk – hard
A smooth tasting unpasteurised, raw milk, ewe’s milk cheese with a tangy edge, made in the Basque Pyrenees.

British – ewe’s milk – soft
A soft brie type cheese with a bloomy rind. It has a full flavour and a pleasant creaminess.

Norfolk White Lady
British – ewe’s milk – soft
A creamy brie style cheese with a bloomy rind and a full meaty flavour.

Truffle Cheese

Minimum cut = 150 g 

Moliterno al Tartufo
Italian – ewe’s milk with truffle -hard
An exquisite pecorino with Italian black truffle.

Taleggio al Tartufo
Italian – goat’s milk – soft with black truffle
An exquisite, rich, washed rind goat’s cheese with supple, creamy paste, infused with Italian black truffle.

Blue Cheese

Minimum cut = 150 g for soft cheese, 150-200g for hard cheeses

Picos Blue / Picos d'Europa
Spanish -cow/goat’s milk - semi-hard
Wrapped in maple leaf, this blue has a creamy initial taste and a sharp, tangy bite.

Dorset Blue Vinny
British - cow’s milk - semi hard
A mature blue with rich veins running throughout. It has a mineral and pleasant bite with a hoppy taste towards the rind.

Fourme d’Ambert
French - cow’s milk - semi-hard
Soft creamy blue with a slight white peppery note.

Harbourne Blue
British  -goat’s milk - semi-hard
Harbourne Blue is a clean tasting cheese with light blue veining, a crumbly texture and flavours which are fresh, floral and delicately sweet.

Beenleigh Blue
British  -ewe's milk - semi-hard
Beenleigh Blue is a clean tasting cheese with light blue veining, a crumbly texture and flavours which are fresh, delicately sweet but with subtle blue bite

Bleu d’Auvergne
French - cow’s milk - semi-hard
The rind is moist and sticky, the paste is soft with a spicy, peppery, salty, pungent taste. 

Sparkenhoe Blue
British - cow’s milk – semi-hard
This unpasteurised raw milk Stilton type cheese is tangy and lactic at the centre and dense, buttery and yeasty towards the outer.

Cheese Selection Boxes

Please note – these come in an attractive Queso presentation box

British Pack - minimum weight 900g - £30

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Dorset Blue Vinny, Montgomery Cheddar, Kirkham's Lancashire, Norfolk White Lady / Wigmore.

French Pack - minimum weight 900g - £30

Comté, Coulommiers, Munster, Fourme d’Ambert, Tomme de Savoie / Morbier. 

Spanish Packs - £25 / £30

£25 - 4 cheeses - minimum weight 650g
Manchego, Mahon, Picos Blue and Garrotxa

£30 - 5 cheeses - minimum weight 800g
Manchego, Mahon, Picos Blue, Garrotxa and Roncal

Delivery Options

For Free Delivery   
Minimum order = £15.00 for free delivery

  • Birmingham postcodes delivered  Wednesday-Saturday
  • Delivery in 5 mile radius of Kenilworth and Stratford area on Thursday / Fridays

Delivery to following areas - £6.00

  • Dudley​
  • Hagley 
  • Lichfield
  • Stourbridge
  • Wolverhampton

Nationwide delivery £10.95
Delivery outside these areas will be guaranteed next day postal delivery in chilled packaging 

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