Our Cheese Collections

Our cheese collections make excellent gifts for special occasions. They are also perfect for the undecided and provide a balanced selection of cheeses to make a great cheeseboard. They are packed in our attractive Queso boxes full of fresh cheeses which can be delivered to your door.

Great British

Minimum weight =900g (2lb) total. £30

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
A hand made Red Leicester made from unpasteurised cow’s milk from the Sparkenhoe Farm on the Warwickshire / Leicestershire border.
Kirkham’s Lancashire
An unpasteurised raw milk crumbly farmhouse Lancashire with a full tangy flavour with buttery notes.
Montgomery West Country Farmhouse Cheddar
Cheddar, a traditional mature Cheddar hand made on the farm.
Norfolk White Lady / Wigmore

A ewe’s milk brie style soft cheese. Norfolk White Lady is made by Jane Murray at Wymondham in Norfolk. I has a bloomy rind and a full meaty flavour. Wigmore is made by Ann Wigmore at Village Maid Dairy. It has a sweet milky  taste and a very creamy texture.

Dorset Blue Vinny

A full flavoured blue cheese matured for upto 5 months with a spicy taste and crumbly texture on the paste and a hoppy flavour on the rind


Minimum weight =900g (2lb) total. £30

Coulommiers AOC

Our Coulommiers is a  bloomy, yeast ripened soft cheese  made from unpasteurised raw cow’s milk from the village of Coulommiers in the Seine et Marne regiont of France.  Coulommiers is similar in style to Brie but has a nuttier, more characterful profile than Brie.

Munster AOC
Washed rind soft cheese with a strong smell but a rich fully bodied taste.
Tomme de Savoie PGI

Made from milk from Montbeliard cows, it has a rich creamy flavour and an earthy rind.

Comté Fort Saint Antoine

A rich alpine hard cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk matured at the famous Fort Saint Antoine for at least 18 months.

Fourme d’Ambert AOC

A soft creamy blue cheese from raw cow’s milk – it has a subtle blue taste which is ns not overpowering and has a slight white peppery note.


4 cheeses for £24.50 Minimum weight =650g

Mature Manchego
A classic hard ewe’s milk cheese from the La Mancha region, matured for between 6 and 12 months (Curado). We choose this Manchego as it still has some suppleness with a sharp bite and a rich creaminess. airs well with a good Rioja.
Artisan Mahon
A hand made, unpasteurised artisan hard cow’s milk cheese from Minorca. This cheese is washed in olive oil and paprika so that it develops a distinctive red orange rind. It is matured on pine shelves and there is a hint of pine in the paste. Pairs well with a good Rioja.
Picos Blue
A mixed milk cow and goat’s blue cheese wrapped in traditional maple leaves from the Picos mountains in Northern Spain. The taste and texture is similar to a classic Roquefort, however, the addition of goat’s milk gives a subtle sweetness to the cheese and ounteracts the salt and sharpness. A beautiful cheese which pairs well with a robust red wine or a sweet white – Sauternes in particular is excellent with this cheese.
A fresh, clean tasting hard goat’s milk cheese from Catalunya. It has a natural hard rind. This cheese pairs well with a light red, or a good rosé wine.


Minimum weight=2kg £75.00

Picos Blue
A mixed milk cow and goat’s blue cheese wrapped in traditional maple leaves.
Norfolk White Lady / Wigmore
A soft, creamy brie type cheese from ewe’s milk.
A semi-hard goat’s milk cheese with a sweet, nutty flavour.
A soft ash coated goat’s milk cheese.
A fully bodied washed rind cow’s milk cheese with a pungent smell.
A hand made, artisan, Unpasteurised hard cow’s milk cheese.
A rich alpine hard cheese made from cow’s milk.
Montgomery Chedda
A mature West country farmhouse cheddar.
Gorwydd Caerphilly
An award winning unpasteurised crumbly cow’s milk cheese.
48 month Old Gouda
A hard almost sweet, savoury cow’s milk cheese with lactic crystals.
Moliterno al Tartufo
A beautiful ewe’s milk pecorino cheese which is then injected with black truffle.