Comté FSA 15 month AOC


Rich nutty notes with light fresh fruity character. The classic French hard cheese

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This Comté (pronounced Kon Tay) has rich nutty notes with light fresh fruity character. Comté is a classic French hard cheese made from the rich  Comté milk of the Alpine Montbeliard cows. Comté is graded for quality with the green band representing the best quality. The cheese we sell is matured in miles of cellars in an underground facility called the Fort Saint Antoine in the Jura mountains. In 1966, Marcel Petite discovered the unused fort which is covered in a layer of earth at 3600 feet altitude and provides the ideal environment for slow maturing of cheese. Marcel Petite is no longer with us, but the Fort – sometimes known as the Cathedral of Comté  – continues and holds up to 100,00 wheels of Comté.